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© SK

Stephanie has been teaching in some capacity for over 20 years, on multiple continents and in multiple languages. Her diverse background includes time as an academic manager for international students in the US. Her academic experience is primarily in language arts, literature, grammar, Spanish, and writing. Additionally, she has taught math and social studies to younger children. Over the years, her students have ranged from preschoolers to retirees, and more often than not she has designed the curricula for literature, writing, Spanish, English, and yoga. 

She has also been steeped in personal and spiritual practices her entire life, including studying classical music for most of childhood to living in India to study yoga. For more information about her yoga studies, please see the yoga page.

She considers learning surrender and vulnerability as crucial elements of living authentically and fully, while cultivating fierce grace. Drawing from her practice and studies, she leads workshops and retreats about combining spiritual practice with day-to-day living. (The events page has more information.) Though she no longer teaches ongoing classes in yoga studios, she still teaches private sessions for individuals and groups.

Her many years of teaching yoga led her to joining the faculty of the CBR Project, an integrative training for aid workers. The CBR Project is unique in its combination of teaching science and contemplative practices, for the sake of mitigating the physical and psychological impacts of humanitarian work. The intention is to transform attitudes about resilience, in order to improve the quality and effectiveness of humanitarian response.

"You meet people every day for years and nothing changes; while sometimes you meet people for one day and you get your life back."
~ from a participant at the CBR Project


"Getting to watch Stephanie's demeanor with students was perhaps the most valuable learning experience for me. She is incredibly positive and supportive and has a great sense of humor... Her 'classroom manner' is something I really want to emulate."
~ from an observer of one of her classes

"I want to be on a path so that I end up doing what she does in her classes."
~ from an aspiring teacher

One blogger was so inspired after her first asana class with Stephanie that she wrote about it:
Which Came First, the Confidence or the Motivation?