Impeccable integrity. Unstoppable work ethic. Inspired moxie. Sensitive communication. Respectful honesty. Memorable performances. Creative collaboration.


Stephanie Kohler lives a life of eclectic and ecstatic passion. She is an Atlanta native, although she has traveled extensively overseas both for study and work.

In no particular order, she is a writer, wanderer, musician, teacher, speaker, yoga practitioner, lover, thinker, reader, dancer.

Stephanie has an unusual range of experience, including work in international trade, curriculum development, and yoga instruction. Her diverse experience, on multiple continents and in multiple languages, has imparted an equally diverse set of skills. She understands not only how to thrive within many different circumstances, but also how best to connect people, regardless of cultural background.

Her personal practice has evolved from intensive study of various traditions around embodiment and consciousness. These influences inform her approach to everything she teaches, writes, and facilitates.

This site has information about her many different areas of work and creative expression. If you’ve heard of her before, you probably know at least one of these roles:

~ musician in Blue Spirit Wheel
~ faculty member of the CBR Project
~ Co-Producer of Ecstatic Dance Atlanta
~ Co-Founder & former Director of ChantLanta

Her intention and vision are to share not only the many practices which help her thrive, but also to emphasize the fundamental skills they help to cultivate—such as leadership, intuition, and communication.

In everything she does, she strives to balance effort with surrender, precision with laughter.
Live life, love life, live love.


Blog posts about Stephanie (by other bloggers):
"Which Came First, the Confidence or the Motivation?"
"Guru Purnima (Huh?)"

Other reviews of Stephanie:
"You meet people every day for years and nothing changes; while sometimes you meet people for one day and you get your life back." (from a participant at the CBR Project)

"The way in which she brings the larger practice of yoga to her life is inspirational."

"If you are looking for a strong woman, you have found her. If you are looking for a transformer, she is it. Stephanie is, without a doubt, one of the truest manifestations of fierce human love that I have ever met. If you meet her, you'll no doubt know it too."

"Stephanie is a top notch organizer of people. This task is harder to do than it sounds: you have to be able to address situations with calmness, clarity, and love, as well as a firm adherence to the overall mission and goals of the company or project. Think that's easy? Then you've never done it. Watch Stephanie, and learn!"

"Stephanie's insights are brilliant beyond words!"

"If she told me she had a solution for creating agriculture on Mars, before I'd have the chance to consider whether or not it was true, she would have already organized the effort and be running it like a pro. (For clarification, she has not said this to me. But if she did....)"

Past events (as a facilitator or musician):
~ CBR Project in Rwanda, USA, Jordan, 2014-2018
~ Dancing Tree Festival in Blue Ridge, GA, 2015-2019
~ Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Stockbridge, MA, 2015-2016
~ Kinnection Campout in NC & TN, 2015 & 2018
~ Raising the Light Vibe (workshop) in Atlanta, GA 2016
~ Foundations in the Feet & Forward Folds (asana workshops) in Atlanta, GA, 2015-2016
~ Mindful Movement (part of the series "Lighten Your Load for the Journey") in Atlanta, GA, 2016
~ Food for Immunity (fermentation workshop) in Atlanta, GA 2016-2017
~ Transcending Tantra Stereotypes: Honoring Sexuality as Sacred, part of Sex Down South conference in Atlanta, GA, 2015
~ ChantLanta Sacred Music Festival in Atlanta, GA, 2010-201
~ Interfaith Harmony Project (presented by Faith Alliance of Metro Atlanta, as part of the U.N.-designated World Interfaith Harmony Week) in Atlanta, GA, 2015
~ New Year's Eve Kirtan Celebration in St Paul, MN, 2014
~ Bhakti Fest Midwest in Madison, WI, 2013
~ Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival in Manchester, TN, 2011
~ Southeast Yoga Conference in Atlanta, GA, 2008 & 2012

Other press & interviews:
~ "The Press Kit" (part of Progressive News Hour) on WRFG 89.3FM in Atlanta, GA 2015-2016
~ "In the Spirit" radio show on WRPI 91.5FM in Troy, NY, 2015-2018
~ New World Kirtan (podcast), 2013-2016
~ Yoga Chat with The Accidental Yogist (podcast), 2013

For a list of other events, please see the performance page.